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The wind in your hair, the awsome views, and the incredible manuverability of these aircraft are just a few of the reasons to experience flight in trikes.
Based at Keahole International Airport on the Big Island of Hawaii we are blessed with about 350 VFR days out of the year so weather is seldom an impediment to training.  Whether you are a certified pilot desiring a bit of flight time in Hawaii, or seeking training in more complex airspace, or someone completely new to the sport looking for an introductory lesson in a beautiful island enviornment, Advanced Recreation can accomodate you.

Your senses explode as you ascend up through the tropical Hawaiian sky.  From altitude our world takes on a new perspective.  Everything becomes much more interesting from 500 feet or more. It's one big WOW! 
Hang gliding on the Big Island has always been a bit of a challenge. With landowners reluctant to expose themselves to any more liability than necessary, and few accessable sites facing the prevailing winds that are near enough to a friendly landing site, an alternative source of recreational airtime was necessary. Powered hang gliders, aka trikes, fill my need for recreation and my desire to share the experience with others.
The view through the plastic windows of conventional aircraft simply doesn't do justice to the flora and terrain here on the Big Island. Flying in open cockpit aircraft, over one of nature's most beautiful works has been the dream fulfillment of many visitors, and locals here on the Big Island with Advanced Recreation.   At Advanced Recreation we offer flight instruction in Weight Shift Control (WSC) light sport aircraft also known as TRIKES. We offer introductory /discovery flights to familiarize first time students with the flight characteristics and ground handling techniques of the aircraft through hands on experience. It is our hope to arrive back at the hanger with our students exiting the aircraft with the thought "I can do that". Students wishing to continue on to earn their sport pilot certificate or build training hours towards their certificate will find Advanced Recreation's Kona location ideal because of the variety of meteorological conditions within a 30 mile radius, and the incredible amount of VFR flying days
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